Our Restaurant reservations no shows policy expands to Cancun

We continue to make changes to our restaurant reservations policy to improve our response and service for members and guests. The goal is to reduce the number of no shows, diners who book a table and do not make use of it. On July 2, 2022, at The Royal Haciendas, we introduced a $500 peso fee which is charged to members and guests who do not turn up for their reservation at Los Murales or Kinoko and failed to notify Restaurant Reservations that their plans had changed. Starting September 1, this fee will also now apply for no shows at our Cancun restaurants: El Conquistador, Hacienda Sisal, Captain’s Cove and La Trattoria.

When a restaurant reservation is made, a confirmation email is sent out and followed up with a second reminder email which confirms the restaurant and the date and time of the reservation. We know that plans may change, and we request that members and guests contact Restaurant Reservations at ext. 165 or restaurants@royalresorts.com if they wish to cancel their reservation.

In many cases reservations are requested and not confirmed by the guest, or reservations are made in two restaurants on the chance that one will be successful.
The $500 peso fee for restaurant no shows will be charged to the guest account and is payable at check out.

El Conquistador