A class of 31 eight and nine year-old girls just finished third grade at Colegio Mano Amiga in Cancun thanks to your generous donations to the Royal Resorts Foundation. With your help we are able to give the entire class an annual scholarship so that they can continue their studies, onwards and upwards to a better future.

   It was their open school day on June 19 and they were proud to show their families, teachers and Royal Resorts Foundation volunteers how much they have learned this year. We thought that you would like to see the photos of the graduating class of 2019! These little girls with their big smiles are pursuing their hopes and dreams with your support.

In a separate ceremony a few days later several of the students received diplomas for outstanding achievement during the school year.

Best students in academic performance and conduct
First place: Fernanda G. (Overall grade average 9.82)
Second place: Aimar M. (Overall grade average 9.75)

Galilea M.

Bethani C.

Diplomas are also given to the pupils scoring the best marks in Sports, English and Catholic Studies.

There are 31 girls in the class, 12 have an overall grade average of above 9, 15 are above 8 and 4 with an average of above 7.

    Part of the Ciudad de la Alegria community center on the outskirts of Cancun, Colegio Mano Amiga provides a stable, safe learning environment for children in need. Its students come from poor families, often from single parent households or migrant families from rural communities in Quintana Roo or other Mexican states drawn to Cancun in search of work. Some are from vulnerable families overshadowed by domestic violence or other problems that would make it impossible for the child to continue his/her studies if it were not for this support.

   At Colegio Mano Amiga primary and secondary school, these children study and play happily. They have access to nutritious meals and regular medical check ups and an education that will give them hope and the chance for a better life.

We are sure that you will want to join us in congratulating these little girls, star pupils every one, and wish them a very happy summer holiday and all the best for next semester and the rest of their time at school.

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