Royal Resorts Foundation Race for a Cause

A total of 798 competitors – adults and children alike took part in the Fifth Royal Resorts Foundation Race on February 12 in Cancun to raise money for a cause. This year, the goal was to raise money for a playground in the new Parque Cancun that all children can enjoy, including those with physical challenges.

The race events comprised a 10-kilometer and 5-kilometer race for men and women with three categories: Free (13-39 years), Master (40-49 years) and Veteran (50 years and over), a 3 kilometer walk and 500 meter and 1-kilometer races for children.

The winners

Congratulations to our 2023 winners and to all our competitors.

Royal Resorts employees

10 km Men

1st Reynaldo Ku
2nd Alfonso Segura
3rd Carlos Gonzalez

10 km Women

1st Ana Laura Alvarado
2nd Gabriela Medrano
3rd Heidi Sala

5 km Men

1st Orlando Ramírez
2nd Miguel A. Díaz
3rd Alfredo Morenos

5 km Women

1st Corina Salinas
2nd Wendy Gabriela Castañeda
3rd Verónica Ramírez


500 m Boys

1st Mauricio Rodríguez
2nd Juan Orduña
3rd Carlos Mendez

500 m Girls

1st Imany Hernández
2nd Sofia Tellez
3rd Andrea Cuadros

1 km Boys

1st César Ramos
2nd Ruy Carrillo
3rd Luís Reyes

1 km Girls

1st Jessica Mar Canul
2nd Sasha Beristain
3rd Kayla Tzab

Cancun competitors

5 km Free Men

1st Christian j. Huitro
2nd José Pablo García
3rd Orlando Ramírez

5 km Free Women

1st Miriam Peña
2nd Gilda Álvarez
3rd Betzaida Baxin

5 km Master Men

1st Ricardo Serrano
2nd Franco Martínez
3rd Rodrigo Rubio

5 km Master Women

1st Addy Almeyda
2nd Sandra Luz Meza
3rd Monica Paola Becerril

5 km Veterans Men

1st Eliseo Duran
2nd Javier A. Ruíz
3rd William Boone

5 km Veterans Women

1st Angélica González
2nd Patrica Bogarin
3rd Patricia Villa

10 km Free Men

1st Roboan Espinoza
2nd Javier Palacios
3rd Iñaki Moreno

10 km Free Women

1st Mayra Castañeda
2nd Dulce Cen
3rd Nancy Ivonne Gutiérrez

10 km Master Men

1st Reynaldo Ku
2nd Sergio G. Martinez
3rd Felipe R. Flores

10 km Master Women

1st Alma Carranza
2nd Turia Limón
3rd Ma. Fernanda Canovas

10 km Veterans Men

1st Quetzalcoatl Molina
2nd Alejandro Sierra
3rd Martín Chávez

10 km Veterans Women

1st Verónica Rodríguez
2nd Adela Flista
3rd Cristina Holguin

About Parque Cancun

A new community space for Cancun residents and visitors, Parque Cancun is taking shape on the original landfill site for the city of Cancun. The land has been reclaimed and reforested, transforming it into a green space for the community and visitors to enjoy. From the outset, Royal Resorts has been involved in the development of the park, sending gardeners to help in the landscaping and now helping to build the playground.

Running for a cause

In past years, the Royal Resorts Foundation Race has supported causes such as helping to build a house for a child with brittle bone syndrome; renovating a home for an elderly couple and their son to help them cope with mobility challenges, installing a kitchen at the Don Bosco community center for vulnerable teenagers; and providing college scholarships for low-income students.

We would like to thank all our competitors, volunteers and sponsors for supporting such a great cause in 2023 and we look forward to seeing you all in 2024.