Try Tlayudas at Hacienda Sisal, Latin America’s top street food

Crispy fried or toasted tortillas the size of a dinner plate piled with refried beans, asientos (tiny fragments of fried pork and lard), lettuce, tomato, avocado, chicken, beef or pork, Oaxaca string cheese and spicy salsa, try the totally delicious tlayuda at Hacienda Sisal.

Recently voted Latin America’s best street food in a Netflix poll, the tlayuda is a traditional dish from the state of Oaxaca, and a popular dish in markets throughout central Mexico.

The thin corn tortilla is seared on a griddle or fried and served flat like a pizza, although it may also be folded. There are no hard and fast rules for the toppings. Some cooks use shredded lettuce, others cabbage, skirt steak, tasajo or thinly sliced beef, chorizo or cecina, which is pork marinated in chili. The refried beans, Oaxaca cheese and salsa are staples and the end result is invariably excellent.

The tlayuda is just one of the tasty antojitos or Mexican snacks on the Hacienda Sisal menu. Your options include empanadas, cochinita pibil sopes, queso fundido with blue corn tortillas, quesadillas and tacos. Order them with the signature Sisal salsa and guacamole prepared tableside.

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