Beach Reads

Here are some of the books we are reading right now if you are looking for beach books for your next vacation. Why not write to us and let us know what’s on your bookshelves or Kindle right now?

Anne Enright
From the Booker prize-winning Irish author, the story of Katherine O’Dell, a legendary actress as told by her daughter Norah. With early triumphs in Hollywood and success on the stage in London and Dublin, life was all a performance for Katherine. Norah watched from the wings as her beloved mother acted on and off stage, endured heartbreak and entertained the literati and socialites of the day. She watched her go into decline, endure the disappointments of being passed over for roles and become mired in scandal after a bizarre crime. After Katherine’s death, she discovers the secrets that her mother kept hidden from her adoring public.

The Shipping News
Annie Proulx
A reread, this Pulitzer prize-winning book follows Quoyle’s move to Newfoundland to start a new life with his two daughters and aunt after the loss of his wife. Haunted by grief and memories of his unrequited love for a woman who betrayed him, he helps his aunt renovate the derelict ancestral home and finds a job at the local newspaper in the fishing town of Killickclaw.

Quoyle is given the shipping news column to write and as he meets a cast of colorful local characters and explores the rugged coastline, he learns about his origins. These hidden bays and mist-shrouded islands wracked by sudden storms were home to his lawless ancestors, a band of outcasts and wreckers.

Ungainly, shy and lacking in confidence, Quoyle gradually discovers his inner strength. He begins to make friends and finds love. Atmospheric, mysterious, moving and funny at times, this book evokes the haunting beauty of Newfoundland.

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