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Grand Residences
Ideally situated between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, within a half hour from the Cancun International Airport, Grand Residences is a tranquil enclave protected by the National Marine Park in the front yard and a broad ecological sanctuary in the backyard.
Guest Services & Amenities
REFINE Packages
Royal Resorts is pleased to present the REFINE Package Collection, an exclusive selection of experiences and activities designed to enrich your vacation.
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Royal Resorts Signature Club
Discover the exclusive lifestyle and leisure club for Royal Resorts Members. It offers you endless benefits including an online portal where you can shop for thousands of products and travel services such as hotels and cruises.
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The Spa
Seek sanctuary at the Royal Resorts Spa and pamper body and soul with an exclusive collection of facials, body wraps and massages designed to relax, soothe and rejuvenate your skin.
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Fitness Center
Stick to your daily workout at the Royal Resorts Fitness Centers. In four different locations, they all have the latest cardiovascular equipment and weights.
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Activities & Sports
Join in the fun at Royal Resorts. Visit the Activity Centers to see the sports, games, crafts and competitions on offer for children and adults, play a game of tennis, go snorkeling and even try your hand at sailing.
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Tours & Water Sports Our Recomendations
Gift Shops
Need an extra swimsuit or sandals, sunglasses and a hat or are you looking for colorful Mexican arts and crafts to take home as souvenirs?
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The Royal Market
With a store in all six resorts, The Royal Market takes care of all your supermarket needs and offers a variety of convenient services so that you can make the most of your vacation time.
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Special Events
The Royal Resorts Wedding & Events Coordinator will plan your day to perfection.
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Vacation Ownership Rights

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Royal Resorts, Setting Standards

Founded in 1975, Royal Resorts is a Cancun pioneer and has become a leading company in the international vacation ownership industry. It has a proven track record and has been developing, building and managing five-star resorts in the Mexican Caribbean for over 30 years.

Since its inception, Royal Resorts has had a commitment to excellence that consistently yields the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry, 97 percent. Over 70 percent of members love their vacation home so much that they recommend it to friends and relatives, many of whom also join the Royal Resorts family.

The Royal Resorts Vacation Ownership Program

The Royal Resorts Vacation Ownership program is structured as a membership with a 30-50 year right-to-use (herein the "membership period") of an apartment and the resort as well as the right to receive an array of resort services. The units are two-bedroom deluxe master suites that can be divided as a one-bedroom suite with a separate living and dining area and a lock off room; both sides have an independent entrance. The exception to this is The Royal Cancun, where the two-bedroom units only have one entrance.

Annual or biennial usage options are available.

Fixed Weeks or Intervals

The Royal Resorts program is based upon a fixed week known as an interval running from Saturday to Saturday and a specific unit selected at the time of purchase. Over the years, many members have expanded their portfolio and own multiple weeks.

Using the Unit

Members are allowed to use, exchange, rent, resell, convey by inheritance or grant other persons the use of their unit interval. Members also have access to an international exchange system whereby they may trade their interval in the Royal Resorts for intervals in other resorts located throughout the world at the same or different time of the year. There is also an internal exchange program allowing members to trade their vacation interval within the Royal Resorts.

The Annual Club Service Fee

Once the membership agreement has been entered into, the use period begins for the corresponding interval(s), giving the member the obligation to pay the corresponding Club Service Fee for every year of usage.

The annual Club Service Fee covers the upkeep of the unit and of the resort and includes management, maintenance, landscaping, utilities, 24-hour security and Front Desk, maid service, social activities, tennis courts and sports equipment.

Club service fee income and annual costs of operations and maintenance as well as major repairs are fully disclosed in writing before the end of each calendar year.

A Membership Advisory Council serves as the intermediary between the Developers/Operators and the Membership, consulting on such matters as determining club service fees, approving yearly budgets for expenses and major repairs and broad management policy of the resort.

Residual Rights

The Member (purchaser) receives a residual rights distribution upon the sale of the resort from the Membership Company. In order to guarantee the residual rights distribution, shares of the corresponding asset ownership company are deposited in a bank trust.

Upon expiration of the compliance documents, the trust, and the membership agreement, the resort assets will be sold for the best price obtainable and, after first deducting taxes, commissions and other appropriate charges and expenses derived from such sale, any sales proceeds remaining will be distributed among the beneficiaries of vacation intervals in accordance with their respective membership agreement.

Membership Periods

The membership period for different resorts may vary from 30 to 50 years depending on the resort. The following are the membership periods for the Royal Resorts:

Name of Resort

Membership Periods

The Royal Cancun®
(Club Internacional de Cancun)

2007 - 2037

The Royal Mayan®

1984 - 2014

The Royal Caribbean®

1988 - 2018

The Royal Islander®

1993 - 2023

The Royal Sands®

2000 - 2050

The Royal Haciendas®

2006 - 2056