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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many people can stay with me in my villa?

A.With the exception of The Royal Cancun, which has villas for six and five people respectively, the villas at the Royal Resorts sleep six. There is a king-size bed in the master bedroom and two double beds in the second bedroom*. The living room also has twin Murphy beds.

The occupancy limits are as follows:

Villa 6 people

Suite 4 people (A Side) 

Lock-off* 2 people (B Side)

At least one of the occupants of the villa must be 25 years of age.

The occupancy policy in the Club Rules (Article 12) also states that one additional person is permitted in the two-bedroom villa provided that the member notifies Interval Servicing Co and the Guest Service Manager at the resort at least one week prior to travel. A special use fee is charged per day if the aforementioned guest is over the age of 16.

Additionally, please take note of the following exceptions to the rule:

*As of December 2012, at The Royal Haciendas 2 adults and up to two children under the age of 12 are also permitted in the lock off.

**Starting April 2014, two additional minors under the age of 12 are permitted in the lock off or “B units at The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander during low season weeks only.

Q. Can I bring an additional person?

A. . If you would like to invite a seventh person to vacation with you in the villa, you may do so. Please notify Royal Resorts that you will be bringing an extra person by sending an e-mail to Interval Servicing Co. and the Guest Service Manager at your resort at least one week prior to travel. A daily special use fee applies for guests over the age of 16.

Q. Some friends of ours will be in Cancun at the same time as us but at a different resort, can we invite them to visit us?

A.If you would like to invite additional visitors to spend the day with you, the admission fee is $100 pesos per person, per day for guests of Royal Resorts members and $150 pesos per person per day for people visiting non-member guests. A maximum of four external guests per villa per day is permitted and there is no charge for children under the age of three. Visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Q. How do I go about requesting a crib, cot or high chair for my villa?

A. To request a crib, or high chair for your villa, please send an email to Guest Services at Royal Resorts with your name, stay dates, villa number and resort and the item you wish to request. Please notify us in advance as there is limited availability.

The Royal Haciendas: recepcionrh@royalresorts.com

The Royal Sands: recepcionrs@royalresorts.com

The Royal Cancun: recepcioncic@royalresorts.com

The Royal Caribbean: recepcionrc@royalresorts.com

The Royal Islander: recepcionri@royalresorts.com

Q. I am going to need a wheelchair during my stay, how can I get one?

A. Standard wheelchairs are available on request from the Front Desk. Please let us know in advance if you are going to need one, as availability is limited. Amigo Classic travel mobility aids (motorized scooters) can also be rented from The Royal Market at your resort.

Q. We are staying at The Royal Haciendas for one week and continue our vacation at one of the Cancun Royal Resorts for a second week. Is transport available on Saturdays from The Royal Haciendas?

A. Yes, Thomas More Travel offers a Saturday inter-club shuttle service in a shared van for guests staying at The Royal Haciendas who are moving to Cancun for a second week and vice versa.

From Cancun: vans depart The Royal Cancun at 11 a.m., calling at The Royal Sands at 11:30 a.m. en route to The Royal Haciendas. For guests at The Royal Caribbean, departure time is at 11 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. from The Royal Mayan.

From The Royal Haciendas: vans depart at 1 p.m. bound for the Cancun resorts.

Times are subject to change.

You may book this Saturday transport option online with1 Thomas More Travel or visit the tour desk at your resort during your stay.

Q. When does the membership period expire at my resort?

A. The membership period varies from 30 to 50 years depending on the resort. The following are the membership periods for the Royal Resorts:

Name of Resort Membership Periods

The Royal Cancun 2007 - 2037
The Royal Caribbean 1988 - 2018
The Royal Islander 1993 - 2023
The Royal Sands 2000 - 2050
The Royal Haciendas 2006 - 2056

Q. When is Maintenance Week at my Resort?

A. All Royal Resorts close for one week each year to take care of maintenance projects that would inconvenience members and guests. This way we keep the clubs in tiptop condition ready for your next vacation.

The Royal Sands & Spa Week 40
The Royal Islander Week 36
The Royal Caribbean Week 37
The Royal Cancun Week 39
The Royal Haciendas Week 36

Q. Can I smoke in my villa?

A. Out of consideration for other guests smoking is only permitted on the terrace of your villa with the sliding doors closed and using the ashtray provided. Violators of this resort rule risk incurring fines. You may smoke in the gardens and other public areas of the resort as long as they are outside. Under Mexican law, smoking in enclosed public spaces such as restaurants, bars and stores is no longer permitted. Please respect the "No Smoking" signs posted in the resorts and wherever you go in Mexico.

Q. Which credit cards do you accept?

A. Royal Resorts accepts Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Q. Do Royal Resorts members need to leave a credit card voucher or deposit when checking in?

A. As a Royal Resorts member you do not have to give a deposit. When registering, nonmember guests are asked for a deposit of $10,500 pesos per week (the equivalent of $1,500 pesos a day) if they are staying in the villa. The deposit is $7,000 pesos for the suite ($1,000 pesos a day) and $3,500 pesos for the room ($500 pesos a day), respectively. The deposit can be made in Mexican pesos or dollars using the daily exchange rate or by pre-authorizing a credit card voucher and it will enable guests to charge meals and purchases to their villa. In the event that guests exceed the credit limit, they should visit the Front Desk to extend it.

Guests who do not charge any purchases or meals to their villa will have their full deposit reimbursed by the Front Desk clerk at the end of their stay. If they made some purchases, they will receive the remainder of their deposit after charges have been deducted. Cash will be returned if a cash deposit was made and signed credit card vouchers will be cancelled.

Royal Resorts members are exempt from this policy.

Q. Is there transport between the resorts in Cancun?

A. Royal Resorts offers members and guests a courtesy inter-resort shuttle linking The Royal Islander, The Royal Caribbean, Captain’s Cove, Pancho & Willy’s, The Royal Sands and Hacienda Sisal at regular intervals during the day. There is a separate service between The Royal Sands and The Royal Cancun.

On Saturday evenings the shuttle service is available between The Royal Islander, The Royal Caribbean, Captain’s Cove and The Royal Sands. Please note that there is no shuttle service to and from The Royal Cancun on Saturdays.

Timetables are posted on the notice boards in the resort motor lobbies. The maximum number of passengers permitted is 37 and all must be seated. A registration list to use the bus is available 30 minutes before the bus is due to arrive and is managed by the security guards and bellboys. Buses have ramps for wheelchair access.

A shuttle service to Playa del Carmen is also available from The Royal Haciendas. Check at the Front Desk for departure times and to make a reservation. Members may reserve the same day, non-members must do so one day before. There is a small fee for the morning service and in the early evening it is free.

Q. Are the Royal Resorts pools heated in winter?

A. With the exception of the pools at The Royal Mayan, all Royal Resorts pools are heated during the winter, from November to April.

Q. How do I inform Royal Resorts of a change of address, phone number or email?

A. You can use the link in the Personal Settings section of this Members Area to update your personal information or notify Interval Servicing Co. by visiting www.IntervalServicing.com or calling 1-800-930-5050 (US & Canada), 01-800-099-0486 (Mexico) or 954-485-5400 (Rest of the World), send a fax to 954-730-9647 or an email to info@intervalservicing.com

It is important that you notify Royal Resorts or Interval Servicing when you change addresses or emails so that we may continue to send you important member correspondence. Sometimes members update their contact information with Interval International, the international exchange company, but forget to do it with Interval Servicing, the company that handles membership services on behalf of Royal Resorts.

Q. How do I go about contacting Royal Resorts?

A. To contact someone at Royal Resorts you may dial + 52 998 881-0100 (the + plus sign refers to the International dialing code in your country) and the operator will put you through to the guest or member of staff you wish to speak to.

You may also use the following addresses to send emails to the resorts. If you wish to send a message to a guest, please make sure that their name and villa number is included in the subject line.

The Royal Haciendas: recepcionrh@royalresorts.com

The Royal Sands: recepcionrs@royalresorts.com

The Royal Cancun: recepcioncic@royalresorts.com

The Royal Caribbean: recepcionrc@royalresorts.com

The Royal Islander: recepcionri@royalresorts.com

Q. Due to work commitments, I have to change my vacation plans for this year and I would like to do an Internal Exchange for two of my weeks, can I use the online Internal Exchange program offered by Interval Servicing?

A. If you are doing a Multiple Weeks Exchange, you need to use the downloadable PDF Internal Exchange forms and fill out one for each week you would like to enroll in the Internal Exchange program and then email or fax them to Interval Servicing. The Online Internal Exchange Program on www.IntervalServicing.com will only let you enroll one week. If you would like to use the Internal Exchange program to vacation at a different time of year or in one of the other Royal Resorts, we recommend that you visit the Interval Servicing website to watch the informative “How to” Internal Exchange video and read the terms and conditions of the program carefully.

Please note that you must be a member in good standing and have paid your annual Club Service Fee prior to the beginning of the interval/week owned or prior to the confirmed exchange interval/week start date, whichever comes first.

Q. I enrolled my week in the Internal Exchange online program a while ago and haven’t heard anything yet. What can I do?

A. The Internal Exchange online program available at www.IntervalServicing.com operates on a first come first served basis and exchanges requested during peak holiday times will be more difficult to confirm and may take longer. The system allows strings of matches, for example A with B, B with C, C with D, D with A, which gives you more possibilities than a one on one match. As more people enroll their units in the program, the rate of successful matches will increase exponentially. You can use the Instant Match option to see which members are interested in your interval and to check alternatives. The program also allows you to check the status of your request.

No annual membership fee is required for the Internal Exchange program and the exchange fee is paid only when your exchange request is successfully matched. The exchange fee for the online program is $179 US when confirmed and $159 US if you do your paperwork via fax/email.

Exchange requests may be submitted up to 12 months prior to the interval/week requested or the interval/week owned, whichever occurs first. Interval Servicing will acknowledge receipt of the exchange request via e-mail. Ninety (90) days prior to the interval/week date requested or the interval/week owned, whichever occurs first, all pending unconfirmed requests will be cancelled.

For additional Internal Exchange questions, contact Interval Servicing calling 1-800-930-5050 (US & Canada), 01-800-099-0486 (Mexico) or 954-485-5400 (Rest of the World), send a fax to 954-730-9647 or an email to exchanges@intervalservicing.com

Q. I would like to place my villa in the rental pool, how do I go about doing this?

A. Royal Resorts members may place their villa or the one-bedroom or lock-off portion in the Rental Program managed by Royal Club Vacations (operated by Caribbean Islands Travel LLC). The Rental Kit comprising downloadable PDF forms and regulations are available in the Members Area or you can also visit www.royalclubvacations.com

It is important that you read the program rules carefully before proceeding. You must complete a form for each week you intend to rent and you cannot enroll your unit if it is already in the Internal Exchange program or you have deposited it with Interval International for an international exchange.

You may place your unit in the rental pool up to 12 months prior to your interval and by completing one form you can enroll it for several years. Naturally, the more time you give to promote your unit, the greater the likelihood that it will be rented Units are rented on a per night basis. It is possible that only a portion of the villa may be rented and for less than the entire 7 days of the interval.

If your unit is rented, you may choose to receive your Rental Distribution payment by check or in the form of Royal Resorts Points.

Rental forms may also be sent to Royal Club Vacations by fax: (954) 736-5520 or e-mail to: rentalprogram@royalclubvacations.com Royal Club Vacations will not call or mail rental status updates, it is the member’s responsibility to check the status of the unit and rentalinquiries@royalclubvacations.com

Q. I have lost my membership card, how can I get a replacement?

A. If you lose your membership card, contact Interval Servicing Co. to request a replacement. You may make your request either by phone at 1-800-930-5050 (US & Canada), 01-800-099-0486 (Mexico) or 954-485-5400 (Rest of the World) or online at www.IntervalServicing.com. You need to provide your Membership/Contract Number; Name on the card, Villa and Interval. A fee applies.